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Wealth Management

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We manage your investments...

But, we do much more than manage your investments.​ 

Most investment managers ignore the important things. Investing isn't about trading in and out of mutual funds. It's about knowing your goals, having a tax game plan, and taking advantage of the specific benefits available to you in and outside of your workplace plans.

Very few investment managers take a holistic view of your accounts. Fewer recommend tax lowering moves.  

By advising in a holistic approach, we manage an entire relationship. Your 401(k), 403(b), 457, IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, SEP IRA, solo 401(k), and brokerage account. 

At Clear Financial, our background is in holistic financial planning, which is something else you may benefit from. We offer those services when needed because a relationship with a financial advisor shouldn't be on their terms. 

How We're Different​

  • Tax review. Where should you save? That requires knowing taxes and your specific benefits and opportunities. 

  • A holistic view. Most low-cost advisors (and high-cost ones) put each of your accounts into a model portfolio. This approach removes the benefits of asset location which is deciding the investment attributes that would be best for each of your accounts. If each account owns the exact same proportions of the exact same investments, you may benefit from a holistic perspective. 

  • A proven philosophy. Not only do we have a philosophy, it is one based on science and not guessing, pretending to have a better crystal ball, or gambling with your investments. As an approved advisor of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds we have access to low-cost institutional class mutual funds that work well with our G/P/S Investing approach. 

  • Regular reviews. We'll contact you regularly and want to discuss your changing circumstances at least annually. Feel free to contact us whenever you need.

  • A real, qualified advisor. Some low-cost firms utilize a sales-force and inexperienced advisors. Not here. 

  • Third-party custodian. We utilize a third-party custodian to hold your funds, and provide regular monthly statements to you.  

​The Benefits of Clear Wealth Management

  • Risk maximizing (Tilt investing) 1                               +2.18%      

  • Use of cost conscious passive investments 2         +0.75%

  • Rebalancing 3                                                               +0.50%

  • Asset location 4                                                            +0.52%

​                                                                                 +3.95% per year

Additional quantifiable benefits

  • Tax benefits (tax-loss harvesting, use of and review of tax-efficient funds and tax-advantaged accounts) 

  • Intentional use of asset class investments, rather than relying on the luck of an investment manager


Non-quantifiable benefits

Not having to rely on guessing, emotions, gimmicks, crystal balls, or the lottery.

1. Clear Financial Advisors utilizes a portfolio approach that seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by diversifying our equity allocation over multiple asset classes, and by investing in short to mid duration investment grade bond funds. See Disclaimer page for details. 

2. The difference between the average expense ratio of a CFA portfolio 0.37% and the average expense ratio of active mutual funds as researched by William F. Sharpe's publication The Arithmetic of Investment Expenses, Financial Analysts Journal, March / April 2013.​

3. Swenson, D. (2005). Unconventional Success. Pp. 195-196. 

4. Blanchett, D & Kaplan, P. (September 8, 2012). Morningstar Investment Management. Alpha, Beta, and Now... Gamma. 

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