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Tie Your Assets to Your Goals


Investors receive much of their investing information from experts who manage money for mutual funds, pensions, and institutions. But, investing for people requires a different take. 

To solve the problem, traditional investment management asks the question:

“How much stock market pain can you tolerate?”

At CFA our approach uses a broader set of personal factors to determine how much pain do you need to expose yourself to.

Life Position Analysis involves determining where you are in the life cycle. By factoring Life Position, a personal portfolio is built to reflect:

     » Individual risk tolerance                » Life cycle stage

     » Personal circumstances                » Goals & milestones


Our portfolios are constructed with assets that meet strict requirements. As such, we take on risk in an intentional and principled manner, rather than attempting to gamble on market direction.


By linking your assets to your goals you give yourself the best chance of meeting your objectives.

  Growth.  Long-term growth is essential to outpace the corrosion of inflation. The clearest path to wealth is a low-cost, diversified portfolio. Our Growth portfolios are globally diversified, and represent a prudent buying approach to security selection. Growth is appropriate for goals that may be over 7 years out.

  Preservation. A dollar tomorrow should not only equal a dollar tomorrow, but it should also purchase as much as a dollar does today. Preservation includes traditional stock and bond assets as well as exposure to real assets. Preservation further diversifies our portfolios from traditional markets and is appropriate in any portfolio as a diversifier.

  Stability. Most investors desire stability, but fall victim to seeking stable Growth.  True stability serves the purpose of allowing for risk taking in areas where risk is rewarded. Our portfolios use stability for immediate goals and goals that come due within 1-5 years. Stability is also used to allow us to take risk where we are rewarded for it with certain types of Growth stocks.

Your Plan Coordinates

  While your personal situation may not be traditional, G/P/S Investing™ recognizes that it is unique by considering Life Cycle factors in your portfolio design.

livonia novi ann arbor detroit lansing cfp independent onine financial advice investment manager young professionals
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