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"A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence. The distinguishing obligation of a fiduciary is the obligation of loyalty."


— Lord Millett, Bristol and West Building Society v Mothew

We prefer to sit down with prospective clients, or have an introductory phone call, in order to get to know one another and find out if our services are a fit for your needs.


The majority of our relationships begin with a Clear Financial Review (CFR); a one to three meeting review of those financial items that are of most importance to you. While fees for New Client CFRs are based upon the amount of work and complexity of your situation, we have sample fee schedules in the Service Menu on this page. 


Clear Financial has been a Fee-Only fiduciary from our start, choosing to provide our clients with a conflict-free service model.  

How Can We Serve You?

"I would like an advisor to meet with who will manage my investment portfolio in a holistic manner, who will be on call and proactive in working with me."


"I would like an advisor to meet with to give me specific recommendations on my investment holdings, but I would like to implement my investment plan and choose where they are held."


"I am just getting started and would like an advisor to provide a plan that I can implement online, and who can be there for me as my needs change." 

Online Advice Services

Initial Financial Planning & Investment Recommendations


Not sure you're a candidate for full Wealth Management? Most of our clients start our relationship with an independent financial plan.


If you are not ready for our on-going Wealth Management services, or simply choose to implement your investment plan on your own, CFA's investment guidance service can give you a professional opinion, without the regular check-ins, updates, or implementation. 

Our flat-fee advice is based on the same philosophies that we use under our Wealth Management services, however under the services offered here and below you take on the role of putting the plan into place, monitoring, and making changes to investment accounts when necessary.

This flat-fee guidance offering is ideal for any 401(k), 403(b), or other employer sponsored retirement plan. We review if your current savings plan is the right one given your current and future tax outlook. 

*Flat-fee and hourly advice is offered on as 'as-available' basis.*

**Fee schedule below is for estimate purposes only. Additional fees for administrative work or advice may apply**



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