Wayne State University Retirement Plan Information

403(b) Base Plan

403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

The Wayne State University Retirement Plan system is a model plan for retirement savers.


You may be familiar with some of the below features of your retirement plan, however, we have found that most eligible employees may not know all of the benefits available to them:


  • Fantastic Match. The university provides a 2:1 match on the first 5% of 403(b) contributions.

  • Ability to save to multiple plans. Participants can save beyond the normal retirement plan to the 457(b) plan, as well as to multiple providers in TIAA and Fidelity.

  • Thousands of Investment Options. In addition to the options available in the normal plan, you also have access to a self-directed brokerage account option.

  • Work with an Independent Advisor. Both the Fidelity and TIAA plans allow for participants to work directly with independent financial advisors. Clear Financial Advisors can assist in designing and implementing a plan.


As a Fee-Only fiduciary, Clear Financial Advisors can help you maximize your retirement options, as well as plan for the other goals you have.

About Clear Financial Advisors

Clear Financial Advisors is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor and fiduciary offering services directly to employees of the Wayne State University. Clear Financial Advisors is not affiliated with the Wayne State University, Fidelity Investments, or TIAA. 

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Fee-Only, Fiduciary Advice

As an independent fiduciary we work only on our clients’ behalf. Clear Financial Advisors is a nationally recognized expert in financial planning, retirement strategies, and investing.

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Wealth management is about more than managing investments. We work with clients to protect our plans against risk, and minimize the impact of taxes, both today and in the future.

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Like the university you work for, everything we do is based upon the scientific method and evidence. Our plans seek to maximize return for a desired amount of risk. We diversify broadly into an investment plan for any economy.

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