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Retirement Income Strategies

Most retirees do a relatively good job of assessing when they can retire. But, retirement is not the endline. You need a plan for generating income throughout your retirement years in a productive, tax efficient, and manageable way.


A retirement income plan begins with understanding what assets we have, what opportunities we have with those assets, and the consequences and benefits of various strategies


Social Security Maximization


The most common strategy individuals take with their Social Security benefits is to take the money early. Many cost themselves up to a hundred thousand dollars of possible benefits by not knowing the intricacies of Social Security planning.


Tax Planning


Any retirement income strategy should review not only the tax consequences of withdrawals in the present, but also the possibility of high taxes in the future.

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Retirement Income Strategies


Discounted fee for Online only clients: $675


Flat-Fee Investment Plan Add-On

Beginning at $350 


If you would like a detailed investment plan without the other planning, we can prepare a plan taking into account the benefits of asset location, strengths of company plans, and tax strategy.

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How We're Different​

  • Tax review. Where should you save? That requires knowing taxes and your specific benefits and opportunities.

  • A holistic view. We've reviewed and worked with low-cost online plans and found many to be lacking, leaving you without the details you need to implement your plan.

  • An investment plan based on science, not speculation. If you're an expert, we'll give you a road map to follow; if you need a little more support we can implement with our investment services. What role should annuities play? We are an independent source not tied to the sale of any financial product, and compensated only by our clients.

  • Regular reviews. We'll contact you regularly and want to discuss your changing circumstances at least annually. Feel free to contact us whenever you need.

  • A real, qualified advisor. Some low-cost firms utilize a sales-force and inexperienced advisors. Not here.

What You Receive (Retirement Income Strategies)


We will have one to two meetings, in person or over the phone / online to cover your personal plan:  ​

  • Financial Fitness Review

  • Coverage of major financial goals (retirement, college, or whatever your personal ambitions are)

  • Retirement analysis

  • Income tax analysis

  • Broad investment allocation (flat-fee investment plan add-on service available)

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