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Schmansky Completes Behavioral Governance Society L5 Training

Livonia, Mich., June 13, 2018 - Robert Schmansky, L5 is proud to announce his completion in the inaugurial L5 training and inclusion as a Plank Member of the Behavioral Governance Society.

3ethos – the administrator of the Behavioral Governance Society and L5 mark for members in good standing – was founded by Don Trone, the father of the fiduciary movement for the financial advice industry. Behavioral Governance is the study of the interaction between leadership, stewardship, and governance behaviors with the goal of developing better leaders and outcomes.

According to Trone and 3ethos material, “L5 is influenced from the work of Jim Collins, author of the best-selling leadership book Good to Great.

3ethos formed the Behavioral Governance Society for academic researchers and exemplary professionals who are passionate about the study of the interrelationships between leadership, stewardship, and governance.

L5 is the mark for members who complete the L5 training and commit to continuing education in Behavioral Governance and use of the BG Instrument in their practices. ​

L5 members benefit from:

  • The latest neurological and psychological research that is being conducted to help accelerate the development of exemplary leaders and stewards.

  • Applying this research to engage more effectively with key decision-makers - committees, boards, asset owners, staff, and teams.

  • Utilizing the BG Instrument to improve decision-making outcomes associated with legal, regulatory, and industry standards of care - fiduciary, governance, professional, or project management standards."

Please see the attached link to a Forbes article (written by Schmansky) on the importance of Behavioral Governance for financial advisors and their clients.

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