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Financial Planning and Investing for Teachers,

Professors, and Educators

As educators ourselves, we understand the issues facing teachers, professors, and those involved in education.


Teachers and educators have unique needs and opportunities when it comes to investing:

   » Tax planning for today and tomorrow. Educators often have significant tax planning issues that are a risk to ignore. For public school teachers and university professors and employees with pensions, we find many of our clients who do not do proper planning today can end up paying more in taxes today and in retirement than may be necessary.

   » Choosing where to save. Even those lucky enough to have a quality 403(b) plan may find the choices within the plan to be lacking all of the areas necessary to properly diversify. University employees often have better options, but it is still important to make sure you can fully diversify or you risk having less in retirement. Your workplace plan may not be the best place to supplement your retirement benefits, even if the company sponsor is a quality provider.

   » Determining how much to save. If you are a teacher who has significant retirement benefits, you may not know how much is appropriate to save for retirement. It will still be important to save on your own and supplement your benefits with complementary investment assets.

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