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Financial Planning and Investing for Retirement

Retirement isn't a finish line, and it certainly isn't the ending point for financial planning.


There are several areas that retirees may overlook in their financial plans:

   » Managing investment risk. We call this investing with intention. We don't want to take risks when there isn't a need. Many retirement investment products and strategies take more risk than you may need in search of excess returns.

   » Managing financial risks. We can assemble a team of experts or work with your own insurance team to make sure your coverage is appropriate. 

   » Managing tax exposure. Retirees face several tax opportunities and pitfalls.

   » Managing your estate. Are your plans for your affairs current? 

Even if you have a plan, it makes sense to consider a second opinion. You would have a second opinion on surgery; making sure your financial health is in order can be just about as critical!​

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