Do-It-Yourself Investing, with a Guide

Investing with oversight


If you are not ready for on-going investment management services and want to implement your investments on your own, CFA's investment guidance service can give you a professional opinion, without the regular check-ins, updates, or implementation. 


Our flat-fee advice is based on the same philosophies that we use under our investment management services, however, you take on the role of putting the plan into place, monitoring, and making changes when necessary.


Flat-fee guidance is ideal for any 401(k), 403(b), or other employer sponsored retirement plan. We will even review if your plan is the right place to be saving to. 


Many will do well to consider a financial planning engagement and purchasing investment advice as an add-on for a more complete roadmap, however if you just are seeking a second opinion on your investment choices we offer this flat-fee guidance on a stand alone basis as well.


How We're Different​

  • Tax review. Where should you save? That requires knowing taxes and your specific benefits and opportunities.

  • A holistic view. We will consider your goals and options over all of your retirement plans, and any savings ourside of employer specific plans.

  • An investment plan based on science. If you're an expert, we'll give you a broad road map, and if you need a little more support we can provide that help with our investment management services, or will prepare a detailed plan that takes into account all of your specific workplace investment options, and outside accounts. Learn more about our investment philosophy that we call GPS Investing™

  • A real, qualified advisor. Some low-cost firms utilize a sales-force and inexperienced advisors. Not here.

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Clear Financial Advisors (CFA) is a Fee-Only Detroit and Ann Arbor fiduciary financial and investment advisor with meeting locations in Ann Arbor / Whitmore Lake, Livonia, Novi, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Royal Oak, and Franklin / Southfield / Bingham Farms, and serving clients nationally online.


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